"video_sheduler_internal_error" BSOD

Diskutiere und helfe bei "video_sheduler_internal_error" BSOD im Bereich Windows 10 Probleme bei einer Lösung;

  1. baloohGN
    baloohGN Gast


    Since a few days I am getting alot of crashes with a "video_sheduler_internal_error"-message

    but now I can not even start the PC in normal mode anymore since I am getting the "Driver_verifier_IOmanager_violation" BSOD.

    I would be grateful if you could help me out.

    Dump-files for both errors I think:


    I now reset the verifier and try to reboot and if it works I will try to not crash the PC and wait for an answer.

    I tried deinstalling/reinstalling older NVidia drivers, use a different PCIe Slots for my graphicscard, and reinstall directx but nothing works.

    My PC specs:

    Intel i7 4770k

    EVGA NVidia Geforce GTX780 SC

    MSI X-Power

    Corsair XMS3 2x8GB


"video_sheduler_internal_error" BSOD

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