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    Surface Pen Issue

    Hi Everyone

    I have an Issue with my Surface Pen (I have a Surface Pro 4).

    After trying to connect my Pen to my Android smartphone, I wanted to reconnect it to my Surface.

    At first everything seemed to work fine until I´ve realized that the Pen sometimes interrupts while writing or writes eventhough I´m not touching the Screen. Then I´ve tried to remove it from my bluetooth devices and reconnect it, but i wasn´t able to find the pen anymore.

    Then the light won´t turn on after pressing the top button for 7 seconds. Also the top button Shortcuts (like opening OneNote) didn´t work anymore. What´s even more strange is that the pen still writes and erazes but isn´t connected via bluetooth. At my bluetooth devices only "Surface Integration Service" shows up at other devices.

    I´ve tried several things now, like removing all Pen drivers in the device Manager but nothing helped.

    At least I´ve pressed the top Button for like 10 times and then a red light started flashing until I´ve changed the battery....

    I hope someone has a solution for this.

    Thanks, David

    #1 david.b.ger, 20. Oktober 2019
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Surface Pen Issue

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